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Tires are ground-rolled, circular elastic rubber articles that are assembled on a variety of vehicles or machinery. Usually mounted on a metal rim, it can support the body, cushion external impact, achieve contact with the road surface and ensure the driving performance of the vehicle. Tires are often used under complex and demanding conditions. They are subjected to various deformations, loads, forces and high and low temperatures during driving, and therefore must have high load bearing properties, traction properties and cushioning properties. At the same time, it is required to have high wear resistance and flex resistance, as well as low rolling resistance and heat build-up. Half of the world's rubber consumption is used in tire production, showing the ability of tires to consume rubber.


The national tire industry policy and investment orientation have led to the adjustment of the industrial structure, and the major production enterprises have achieved large-scale production. Domestic steel all-steel radial tires have become a highly competitive product in the domestic and international markets. The focus of the development of the tire industry has shifted from the "scale, quantity, speed" to the social benefits and rational development track of the industrial economy characterized by "structure, quality, brand and efficiency". Emphasis on technological innovation and brand cultivation, and made new progress in product branding, corporate branding, and entrepreneurial brand building. Strict process requirements, improve product quality, standardize the marketing market order, the phenomenon of "not three bags" of tires in the domestic market has improved, and the export of tires to develop emerging markets has achieved results, and export tires have maintained moderate growth.